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On Social Saturday, May 19, 2012 9:23:00 PM

You'll notice these new actions on the photo details page:


I've gone ahead and added social media buttons so that a link to the photo you are on can be shared.

This brought to light many problems with integrating with these social plugins.  Namely Privacy.

Now... I'm not a hit the share button kind of person, as you should have been able to gleen from the fact the I created my own photo/blogging site rather than use someone elses template.

If I start going around and referencing facebook.js and twitter.js etc there is no telling what those lib's do.  I don't want those sites to track user's on my site especially if They haven't clicked on their button.  Nore do I want to police what when and how these js are loaded and used.

I have opted for hunting down url templates which can achieve sharing.  It offers less advanced sharing features, but way better security for my users. 

I have not tested it a 100%,  I have enabled bug tracking here so if you have any issues enter them there.


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