About WhoPic

What WhoPic is:

WhoPic is a place on the internet where users can post photos.

Users can also post those photos blog/tumblr style.

Users can tag photos and search (exciting stuff... I know).

WhoPic's philosophy:

Do no harm.

Provide a place on the internet where users can share photos.

It's not about WhoPic, it's about your photos.

WhoPic does not claim copyright to the photos that you place on it. It does however reserve the right to display the photo - but only on the WhoPic.com domain (otherwise, why use WhoPic?) WhoPic will never display your private photos to anyone you have not authorized to view them.

Why does WhoPic Exist?

WhoPic is an original creation from ReelChaos Multimedia.

In short, WhoPic exists because I do not trust the big photo sites with my privacy (and neither should you).

WhoPic's goal is to keep privacy and ownership of your pics simple: Yours

That also means that the contents of your pictures are YOUR responsibility. Please do not post any pictures for which you don't hold the copyright, or that are otherwise illegal (child pornography, etc... you know the drill). Otherwise, have fun!

Wanna help?

Wanna help in someway?

We could use someone turning this credo into legalese.

Can you help in some other way?

Contact support@whopic.com

See a bug?

Submit a bug report HERE